I care.

I care about People. When we begin to understand the true greatness of our Creator’s love for us, we can’t help but share that love with others. It is that great love that makes me care for people. It is that great love that begins and completes the human story.

I care about Creation. “Heal the land, heal ourselves,” is a phrase I often say. It is a spiritual truth that we do not exist outside of our relationship to the flow of Creation. I am filled with awe and wonder at the beauty and genius found in nature and acknowledge the vital part all of Creation plays in our physical, mental, and spiritual life.

I care about God. God is (quite literally) the love of my life. I know that God cares about humanity and creation in a profound and radical way. Through following the example and teaching of Christ, I seek God’s wisdom in the ways of caring and aspire to positively participate.

I hope this blog space will be a source of interaction, encouragement and assurance for all who visit, regardless of your faith tradition.

I believe that, together with God and Creation, humanity is writing a story that ends with a healed, abundant, miraculous world!